The best geyser in a country known for diverse weather conditions is a necessity. Be it a chilly winter morning or a monsoon downpour, the best geyser ensures a comforting and invigorating hot water bath. As we step into 2023, let’s explore the top geysers in India to keep you warm and cosy throughout the year.


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The days of considering hot water to be a luxury are long gone. These days, every Indian household needs this. The best geysers that will be available in India in 2023 have been assembled to help your search for the ideal geyser easier. We have what you need, whether you require a geyser for a small gathering of family members, an electrical show, or to cope with deep water issues.

Types of Geysers

Let’s first examine the numerous kinds of geysers that are out there before moving on to the top choices:

Instant Geysers

Instant geysers warm water as quickly as you switch them on. They are perfect for small families or for locations wherein warm water is required now and again. They are energy-green and soak up much less area.

Storage Geysers

Storage geysers, as the call suggests, store warm water in a tank. They are appropriate for larger families and places with better hot water needs. However, they consume extra electricity to keep the water warm continuously.

Gas Geysers

Gas geysers use LPG or natural gas to heat water. They save energy and provide hot water even during power outages. These geysers are a good choice for areas with irregular power supply.

Top Geyser Brands

When it involves selecting a geyser, the brand matters. Here are some of the top geyser manufacturers in India:

AO Smith

AO Smith is famous for its energy-green and durable geysers. Their fashions include advanced functions and offer extremely good value for money.


For their dependability and affordability, Bajaj Geysers are famous. They provide a large choice of solutions that meet diverse budgets and pursuits.


Rheem geysers are regarded for their innovation and modern-day generation. They are a top preference for the ones searching out excessive-stop features.


Crompton geysers offer efficient and reliable hot water answers. With modern era and durability, they ensure year-round comfort.

Features to Consider

Before making your purchase, consider the following features:


Select a geyser that has the proper talents for your wishes. While large geysers are premiere for big households, smaller ones are exact for small households.

Energy Efficiency:

Look for a geyser with an excessive BEE megastar score to save on electricity payments. Energy-green geysers no longer simplest store cash however additionally lessen your carbon footprint.

Safety Features:

Ensure that the geyser has safety functions like a thermostat and a strain release valve to save you from accidents.

Best Geysers for Different Needs

Now, let’s dive into the specifics and find the best geysers for different requirements:

Best for Small Families

For small families, an instant geyser just like the AO Smith HSE-SGS-006 is a high-quality choice. It has a 6-litre potential and gives short heating.

Best Energy-Efficient Geyser

If strength efficiency is your priority, don’t forget the Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-litre vertical storage geyser. It comes with a 5-megastar BEE score and green heating elements.

Best for Hard Water Areas

In areas with difficult water, the Rheem RTE nine Electric Tankless Water Heater is a top pick. It can handle hard water effectively without causing scaling problems.

Installation and Maintenance

Once you have selected the best geyser, ensure to get it mounted with the aid of a expert. Regular renovation is crucial to make sure its sturdiness and efficiency. Follow the manufacturer’s tips for cleaning and maintenance.


Crompton Arno Neo
Bajaj New Shakti Neo
Bajaj Splendora
Havells Instanio


In 2023, the exceptional geyser for your home depends on your particular wishes. Whether it’s an on-the-spot geyser for a small circle of relatives, a power-efficient alternative, or one that can address hard water, the market gives plenty of selections. Make a properly informed choice to enjoy warm water each time you want it.


Are gasoline geysers secure to apply in homes?

Yes, gasoline geysers are secure when installed and used consistent with the manufacturer’s commands. They include protection functions to prevent injuries.

Which brand offers the longest warranty for geysers?

AO Smith is thought to offer a number of the longest warranties on their geysers, making sure peace of mind for clients.

Can I install a geyser by myself?

It is suggested to have an expert plumber or technician install the geyser to ensure safety and proper functioning.

How can I make my geyser more energy-efficient?

You can set the thermostat at a top-rated temperature, insulate hot water pipes, and carry out everyday preservation to enhance strength efficiency.

Do instant geysers consume less electricity than storage geysers?

Yes, instant geysers are generally extra energy-efficient as they warm water most effectively whilst wished, while storage geysers hold a regular warm water delivery.